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Win, Win, Win.

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Results. Reputation. Revenue.

See how incorporating The Foot Freedom Formula™  has helped thousands of people worldwide, get out of pain, delay or avoid surgery, and get their lives back.

 Annabelle Newland, Property Manager, Sarasota, FL
 Annabelle's Progress using The Bunion Solution. 
What I love the most about her healing philosophy is that it grounded in the way our natural body works. She helps to restore the structure so that the body can get on with the healing of itself, with the guidance of her expertise. Whether you have the opportunity to have her work with you one on one or whether you are learning techniques from her that you can apply to yourself and your own life, you will feel better with her as your guide, as you work towards your desired performance goals.
Mary Kay Cetan, Doctor Oriental Medicine. Sarasota, FL 
Susan Nevels, Fort Myers, FL
DL has a unique understanding of the human body and an unwavering dedication to uncovering the source of your problem. Her solutions are quick, practical, and easy to do. She was able to resolve my foot pain in 1 session. She was also able to offer me recommendation that ended months of suffering from sinusitis. 
Marianne Sun, Business Coach FL 
This woman had to have 6 knee surgeries, but she won't need a 7th. Here's what she had to say:
"Just wanted to say, I am over the top happy with my new foot. 
Wore a pair of tennis shoes that always hurt the inside and outside of my foot after about 1.5 hrs. 

Today, I wore them all day long will zero pain.

You did more for me in an afternoon, than all the treatments that I've had in the last 9 yrs."
Deb Ladig, Tennis Pro. Houston, TX
I consulted DL Walker via Zoom where she taught me some of her comprehensive core technique. I had already spent over $500 on Chinese herbal supplements and plasters. Within about 15 minutes of doing the comprehensive core, I had 90% pain reduction and full range of motion! It was amazing! Now I’m psyched to learn more! If you have stubborn pain, definitely seek the expertise of DL Walker! It will save you time and money.
Dr. Karen Kan, Founder of the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method and bestselling author of Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – a Holistic Approach.
Virginia Lawlor, Sarasota, FL
"The taping has helped reduce the Tailor bunion that was bothering me. I am 67 years old and have a 3 day regimen of running 50 and 100 meter sprints on day 1, jogging on day 2, and mountain climbing on day 3. I have noticed as my bunion improved a pain in the outside lower side of my buttock also diminished. I know you are not a medical doctor, but your taping strategy has saved me from some serious foot / bone surgery. At the age of 67, I'm not sure I would heal properly to be able to do the physical activities which I enjoy. I do know that I can now stand in the shower on one foot and then the other, easily for 30 seconds, without leaning against the wall."
Rich Makula, Avid Runner. 
In a very short amount of time she pointed some things out about my x-rays (and thus my foot) that no podiatrist ever mentioned and that is probably the source of what to concentrate on and focus on. I’m very grateful for the insight about how I am “put together.” 
Olivia Huff, RSME/T, CMT
Pain Relief Specialist/Movement Coach Sacramento, CA
Kate Apple, LMT, New York, NY
"First of all, you are a miracle worker. I saw you for one session, and have done some follow up work.With the left toe, I would say I am around 95% towards my goals. My right toe is around 75%. Which is pretty amazing. I have had issues with this toe and pain for several years, and visits to various doctors have not helped. i have had injections, expensive orthotics, offers of heal surgery, and more. So a 75% improvement gives me great hope. And the swelling in the right toe joint has started to go down."
Jane Wagner, Naked Eye Productions. NY, NY
Stori Felker, RN, Atlanta, GA
After working with DL, I found that many of the ailments that plague a dancer throughout the season-- random foot pain/knee pain, was both treated and troubleshot by her-- for example I would wear pointe shoes for her to assess positioning and amount and types of stress on the joint. She is particularly adept at creative solutions, from modifying Pilates exercises to theories on where an injury, unexpectedly, might come from.

A long term injury that used to require PT twice weekly, under her guidance, only requires maintenance one every 2-3 weeks, or as a heavy schedule demands.
Madeline Purcell, Dancer, Sarasota Ballet
Her concepts have strongly influenced my work and impacted my Practice. She has a unique understanding of physiology and can quickly diagnosis of the underlying cause of someone's problem through her thoughtful evaluation. I have sought her advice on several of my tough patients. She has helped; myself, my family, and members of my staff recover and thrive!
Tamar Amitay, PT, Principal and Owner Thrive Physical Therapy, NYC  
DL Walker has been amazing. She patiently listened to my problems and was very interested in evaluating me and getting to the root of my foot pain. She tailored a program that would work for me and continued to update my plan as I progressed. I have seen significant improvement and the quality of my life has changed. I have seen a significant reduction in pain and I have changed my footwear, so I continue to see progress. I am able to take the ideas she has taught me and head off problems now as they arise. Thank you DL!
John Abernathy, Accountant, Atlanta, GA

DL Walker, BS, MS., Ed, PT.

Dedicated to creating win, win, win business models.

Specializing in Natural Foot and Ankle Correction for the last 10 years developing treatment techniques and protocols that enhance patient outcomes and automate my practice. 

I look forward to sharing these strategies with you.

DL Walker has over 20 years experience in physical therapy, exercise physiology, massage, neurophysiology, athletic training and alternative medicine.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Science majoring in Physical Therapy and Fitness/Cardiac Rehab, and a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. She has been credentialed as a Health Coach and Certified Functional Manual Therapist.

She specializes in health and sports performance enhancement through an integrated approach that includes education, counsel, and exercise to foster physical strength and injury prevention.

She has worked as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the US Olympic Committee, Personal Trainer for the Sports Training Institute in NYC, and Exercise Physiologist for the Saint Francis Hospital, New York.

Her work has been published in Advance for PT Magazine.

She founded Fun Fitness Physical Therapy, PC, where she provided home health rehabilitation services to patients. She has developed a unique fall prevention program, which is currently used by a New York City Home Health Agency. She developed and implemented a research study to determine the effects of physical therapy and exercise on falls, for a major NYC senior services supplier.

She was part of a development team at the US Olympic Education Centre, to create sport specific exercise programs for Olympic level athletes.
  • Degrees and Certificates:
    • Downstate Medical Center: Bachelor of Science: Physical Therapy.
    • Queens College: Master's of Science: Exercise Science.
    • Ithaca College: Bachelor of Science: Fitness/Cardiac Rehab.
    • Institute of Physical Art: Certified Functional Manual Therapist.
    • Amer. Academy of Ortho. Manual Therapists: Fellow in Training.
    • The Health Network: Health Coach.
  • Professional Experience: 
    • US Olympic Committee: Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Sports Training Institute: Personal Trainer
    • National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Care: PTSt. 
    • Francis Hospital: Exercise Physiologist
  • Publications:
    • Fear of Falling. 
    • Don’t Let Your Doctor Have the Last Word.
    • Children’s Backpacks.
  • Course Development: 
    • Assessment and Treatment  for Balance Enhancement and Fall Prevention.
    • Assessment and Treatment of Walking
    • Assessment and Treatment of the Pelvis, Coccyx and Pelvic Floor.
    • Assessment and Treatment of the Foot and Ankle.
    • The Bunion Solution.
    • The Toe Walking Solution.
    • The Tailor's Bunion Solution
    • The Heel Pain Solution
    • The Hammer Toe Solution
    • The Hallux Rigidus Solution
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