The 4R System to Natural Bunion Change
The Research Behind the Bunion Solution
Offered Now for the low price...
The Bunion Solution Program Offers You:
  • 8 Weeks of easy to follow instructions
  • Video Success Pack: Complete with preparation videos and full 1st week instruction
  • Bonus video: Video Instruction for first 7 days of the program
  • Taping Technique for The Red Carpet: This taping technique is designed not only to make your Bunions more comfortable in dress shoes, it will also make your Bunion less noticeable. 
  • The Fabulous Foot Guide: Additional techniques to having feet that look better, feel better and work better. This is a must have for athletes and active individuals. 
$ 8,000
  • Only addresses Reduction of Inflammation and Repositioning
  • Some potentially negative side effects
  • Possible pain relief, no change in appearance
  • Time wasted traveling to and waiting for Doctor's Appointment
  • No Guarantee
$ 600
  • Only addresses Repositioning
  • Potentially serious side effects
  • 6-12 week recovery and post-surgical pain
  • The potential of a lifetime of other side effects
  • 5% Failure Rate
  •  No Guarantee
$ 47
  • Addresses all 4R's
  • Costs less than 1 hour per week of your time
  • Possible minimal pain and soreness
  • Lasting pain relief and Bunion change
  • A foot that looks better & feels great
  • A Full Money Back Guarantee

This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease .  Every person's body is different and Individual Results will vary.  Consult your Doctor before starting any program. This product utilizes Kinesiotape which you will need to purchase on your own the price of the K-Tape is approximately $10 per roll.

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